Boston Butt or Picnic Shoulder- Bone In


Boston Butt or Picnic Shoulder- Bone In

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The Boston Butt is a bone-in pork shoulder or "pork butt" that is well known as the cut of meat used for pulled pork and other barbecue dishes. Purchasing a whole pastured pork butt roast ensures you will have enough to feed a small army, or to enjoy leftovers for days!


 Picnic Shoulder is a succulent and tender roast from our heritage breed hogs. This is the perfect cut for your Easter dinner or any other occasion where you want to impress your guests or simply stay home and enjoy a homemade pulled pork sandwich!!

****Pork butt comes from the higher foreleg of the pig and pork shoulder is further down. Pork shoulder has a higher muscle-to-fat ratio as it's a heavily exercised muscle where-as pork butt has a lot more intramuscular fat.

Sizes are as follows:

Large 3-4 lbs | $42